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A freestyle Lindy Hop improvisation in Paris 2012:

A Lindy Hop choreography with Juan, called I’ve Got My Fingers Crossed:

My feather fan dance with all-girl group Sister Kate in Seattle for the Jump Session show 2011:

A Lindy Hop choreography with Juan, called Scram:

Singing Nickelodeon with Kevin St Laurent in Greece:

A Lindy Hop choreography with Juan, called Jellyroll, in New Orleans:

A Lindy Hop showcase with Juan, in Italy:

Performance of our Scram routine in Munich, Germany:

A group routine I choreographed, called Truckin’, performed by (in order of the solos) Juan Villafane & Sharon Davis, William Mauvais & Maeva Truntzer, Thomas Blacharz & Alice Mei, Nathan Bugh & Evita Arce, Shesha Marvin & Nikki Marvin, and Kevin St Laurent & Jo Hoffberg, in Italy:

A trio jazz routine I choreographed, called The Bellboys, danced by Sharon Davis, Kevin St Laurent and Jo Hoffberg in Seattle:

Our 1st place team choreography as “The Killer Dillers” at the International Lindy Hop Championships:

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  1. I just saw you dancing on YouTube and my God are you ever gorgeous and sexy, beautiful and vivacious. I have never seen anybody move like you. I am smitten. 😛

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