1st Place Team at ILHC 2009

Damn, I just realized how lame I am. I didn’t blog about the International Lindy Hop Championships at all!! Well, actually I did post up some photos over at SwingFashionista.com, but that’s not what I’m talking about…

I’m talking about The Killer Dillers winning 1st place in the team division!

Oh and PS:

1st place Charleston: Juan Villafane (Killer Diller)
2nd place Charleston: Nathan Bugh (Killer Diller)
3rd place Charleston: Jo Hoffberg (Killer Diller)
Filling out the rest of the Charleston finals: Evita Arce, Kevin St Laurent & myself (ie: all the rest of the Killer Dillers)
1st place Cabaret: Evita Arce (Killer Diller) & Mike Jagger (honorary Killer Diller)
3rd place Cabaret: Kevin St Laurent, Juan Villafane & Nathan Bugh (uh yeah, The Killer Dillers)

You get my point. Sorry. Proud.

So yeah, check us out: www.thekillerdillers.com

My DVDs are finally available!

1920s Charleston & Other Vintage Jazz Dances DVD

My burlesque company in Australia, Sugar Blue Burlesque, has just released a series of five instructional DVDs, including a 3-volume Burlesque series (featuring myself, plus the other Sugar Blue Burlesque instructors!), as well as my very own “1920s Charleston & Other Vintage Jazz Dances” DVD.

The Charleston DVD includes vernacular jazz and blues dancing, as well as, of course, 1920s Charleston, and has the fundamentals as well as advanced steps.

The DVDs are available for purchase online at the Sugar Blue Burlesque website for $30.00 each, and that’s Australian dollars, so take advantage of the exchange rate! Right now, that’s only US$25, or €18 Euros, or £15 GBP! Shipping is available worldwide.

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