Ultimate Lindy Hop Showdown 2012: 1st Place!

Phew, Ultimate Lindy Hop Showdown 2012 is over! What an amazing festival and championship, with all live New Orleans jazz, so good you want to dance your feet off! Congratulations to Amy Johnson for running another great festival. The competitions were hard work, but we’re really happy with our results – Juan and I took 1st place in the Ultimate Lindy Hop Showdown itself, undefeated after what seemed like endless rounds of battles. Here’s a few:

We also won 1st place in the Showcase division! Special thanks to the oh-so-talented Ben Polcer for transcribing and arranging our showcase song so that we could perform it with a live band! The tune is “Shufflin’ & Rollin'”, originally by Buddy Johnson. There isn’t any really great footage up yet, but here’s a taste:

I was also very happy to share the Solo Blues finals with my fellow Killer Diller teammates, Nathan Bugh and Evita Arce, and congratulations to Evita for her win!

And also delighted to make the Solo Charleston finals, and congratulations to Nathan Bugh for winning – completely deserved! Nathan, I just love your work!

Aaaaaand, also proud to be a finalist for the Blues division, dancing with the charming Nick Williams:

All in all, not too shabby! Biggest thanks to my darling partner Juan Villafane – as ever, you are a breeze to work with, and a constant inspiration. I love you!

National Jitterbug Championships 2012: 1st Place!

Sharon & Juan win National Jitterbug Championships

Here is our new Classic Lindy Hop routine, to Buddy Johnson’s song Shufflin’ & Rollin’! We performed it for the first time at Camp Hollywood in Los Angeles on 28th July 2012 in the Showcase division at the National Jitterbug Championships, and won 1st place!

A million thanks to my wonderful dance partner Juan, I love you! We won trophies aaaaand…. jackets! I’ve never had a winners jacket before 🙂

Sharon & Juan win National Jitterbug Championships

We also won 1st place in the Classic Lindy Hop division:

And we both placed in the Advanced Jack & Jill as well. Thanks to Nick Williams for jamming with me in the finals!

Killer Diller Show, Bologna Italy

The Killer Dillers performed live with the Nine Penny Big Band in Bologna Italy for the Swing Brother Swing Festival, May 2010. It was an epic show, with ALL LIVE MUSIC! Many thanks to the Nine Pennies for learning our arrangements, it was a real pleasure!

In case you don’t know, The Killer Dillers are:
Sharon Davis (that’s me!)
Juan Villafane (juanvillafane.com.ar)
Evita Arce (evitaarce.blogspot.com)
Nathan Bugh (nathanbugh.blogspot.com)
Jo Hoffberg (johoffberg.com)
Kevin St Laurent (kevinstlaurent.com)

Here is the full show, enjoy!

Killer Diller Show at Swing Brother Swing, Bologna Italy, May 2010 from Killer Dillers on Vimeo.

Face of Camp Jitterbug 2010!

Camp Jitterbug Flyer

And what a pretty face! Oh dear me!

Anyway, very proud to be on this year’s Camp Jitterbug flyer and on the website header: www.campjitterbug.com

The photo on the flyer was taken during my tribute act to Josephine Baker in last year’s Jump Session show. Josephine is, of course, one of my all-time greatest inspirations. The act starts with a jungle-style dance in recreation of her part in Princess Tam Tam, and ends with a tribute to her famous banana-skirt dance. Ahh, Josephine…

Josephine Baker Banana Skirt Josephine Baker

The 2010 Camp Jitterbug details are:

Camp Jitterbug & the Jump Session Show 2010
Memorial Day weekend
May 28-31st 2010
Seattle, USA

And this year the Jump Session show will feature all six Killer Dillers! Myself and Juan, Kevin St Laurent & Jo Hoffberg, and Evita Arce & Nathan Bugh will all be attending Camp Jitterbug, to show off our new routines in the Jump Session Show, jump in the competitions (like last year’s ILHC, it’ll be The Killer Dillers vs Everyone Else in the Charleston battle – be there or be square!), and we’ll also be teaching some classes!  Camp Jitterbug is without a doubt one of the greatest events on the international Lindy Hop calendar, so if you can make it I’d really recommend it!

Here is the trailer from last year’s Jump Session show. If this doesn’t make you want to be there, I don’t know what would:

Provence Swing Festival and our new routine!

I’m recovering now from the charming Provence Swing Festival, in France. Here’s two videos – first, of our brand new Lindy Classic routine, and second, of a short feather fan dance I did. The classic routine is to Scram, by Fats Waller. Enjoy!