Killer Diller Show, Bologna Italy

The Killer Dillers performed live with the Nine Penny Big Band in Bologna Italy for the Swing Brother Swing Festival, May 2010. It was an epic show, with ALL LIVE MUSIC! Many thanks to the Nine Pennies for learning our arrangements, it was a real pleasure!

In case you don’t know, The Killer Dillers are:
Sharon Davis (that’s me!)
Juan Villafane (
Evita Arce (
Nathan Bugh (
Jo Hoffberg (
Kevin St Laurent (

Here is the full show, enjoy!

Killer Diller Show at Swing Brother Swing, Bologna Italy, May 2010 from Killer Dillers on Vimeo.

Face of Camp Jitterbug 2010!

Camp Jitterbug Flyer

And what a pretty face! Oh dear me!

Anyway, very proud to be on this year’s Camp Jitterbug flyer and on the website header:

The photo on the flyer was taken during my tribute act to Josephine Baker in last year’s Jump Session show. Josephine is, of course, one of my all-time greatest inspirations. The act starts with a jungle-style dance in recreation of her part in Princess Tam Tam, and ends with a tribute to her famous banana-skirt dance. Ahh, Josephine…

Josephine Baker Banana Skirt Josephine Baker

The 2010 Camp Jitterbug details are:

Camp Jitterbug & the Jump Session Show 2010
Memorial Day weekend
May 28-31st 2010
Seattle, USA

And this year the Jump Session show will feature all six Killer Dillers! Myself and Juan, Kevin St Laurent & Jo Hoffberg, and Evita Arce & Nathan Bugh will all be attending Camp Jitterbug, to show off our new routines in the Jump Session Show, jump in the competitions (like last year’s ILHC, it’ll be The Killer Dillers vs Everyone Else in the Charleston battle – be there or be square!), and we’ll also be teaching some classes!  Camp Jitterbug is without a doubt one of the greatest events on the international Lindy Hop calendar, so if you can make it I’d really recommend it!

Here is the trailer from last year’s Jump Session show. If this doesn’t make you want to be there, I don’t know what would:

Who Inspires Me: Vera-Ellen

vera-ellenchoreography vera-ellenb01

Definitely one of my great idols, she had the most beautiful lines with her graceful ballerina’s legs. If Cyd Charisse was the womanly femme fatale, Vera-Ellen was sweet, innocent, childlike, even a little goofy. She combined classical ballet and pointe work, with the 1940s style “American ballet”, ballrooming, tap, vernacular jazz and blues movement, acrobatics and even toe tap. She had the tiniest waist in Hollywood at the time. Check out Vera-Ellen dancing in these films, alongside the likes of Fred Astaire, Gene Kelly, Donald O’Connor and Danny Kaye:

Wonder Man (1945), The Kid from Brooklyn (1946), Three Little Girls in Blue (1946), Carnival in Costa Rica (1947), Words and Music (1948), Love Happy (1949), On the Town (1949), Three Little Words (1950), Happy Go Lovely (1951), The Belle of New York (1952), Call Me Madam (1953), Big Leaguer (1953), White Christmas (1954), and Let’s Be Happy (1957).

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Lonestar Championships, Austin Texas

Just had to share a few of these wonderful photographs that David Holmes took this past weekend in Austin, Texas for the Lonestar Championships. It was one of those mad and magical dance weekends, that sometimes can’t be captured in photos, but actually David has really managed it. Here are a few he took of me, and a few of my favourites in general…

Oh and PS: I won 2nd place in the Charleston Battle, beaten only by my dashing dance partner Juan who took 1st! Juan also won 2nd place in the invitational Jack & Jill with the lovely Laura Glaess. Oh and my sister Killer Diller, Evita “Pocket Rocket” Arce, won 1st in the Blues contest, dancing with sexy Jeremie Anderson. Great weekend all round, highly recommended for 2011!!! Congratulations to Scott and Tena for an amazing event!

Provence Swing Festival and our new routine!

I’m recovering now from the charming Provence Swing Festival, in France. Here’s two videos – first, of our brand new Lindy Classic routine, and second, of a short feather fan dance I did. The classic routine is to Scram, by Fats Waller. Enjoy!

1st Place Team at ILHC 2009

Damn, I just realized how lame I am. I didn’t blog about the International Lindy Hop Championships at all!! Well, actually I did post up some photos over at, but that’s not what I’m talking about…

I’m talking about The Killer Dillers winning 1st place in the team division!

Oh and PS:

1st place Charleston: Juan Villafane (Killer Diller)
2nd place Charleston: Nathan Bugh (Killer Diller)
3rd place Charleston: Jo Hoffberg (Killer Diller)
Filling out the rest of the Charleston finals: Evita Arce, Kevin St Laurent & myself (ie: all the rest of the Killer Dillers)
1st place Cabaret: Evita Arce (Killer Diller) & Mike Jagger (honorary Killer Diller)
3rd place Cabaret: Kevin St Laurent, Juan Villafane & Nathan Bugh (uh yeah, The Killer Dillers)

You get my point. Sorry. Proud.

So yeah, check us out:

My DVDs are finally available!

1920s Charleston & Other Vintage Jazz Dances DVD

My burlesque company in Australia, Sugar Blue Burlesque, has just released a series of five instructional DVDs, including a 3-volume Burlesque series (featuring myself, plus the other Sugar Blue Burlesque instructors!), as well as my very own “1920s Charleston & Other Vintage Jazz Dances” DVD.

The Charleston DVD includes vernacular jazz and blues dancing, as well as, of course, 1920s Charleston, and has the fundamentals as well as advanced steps.

The DVDs are available for purchase online at the Sugar Blue Burlesque website for $30.00 each, and that’s Australian dollars, so take advantage of the exchange rate! Right now, that’s only US$25, or €18 Euros, or £15 GBP! Shipping is available worldwide.

Click here (or on “DVDs” in the menu bar above) to find out more!

Swing Fashionista Dot Com Screen Shot

I have a new blog, collaboratively with a group of other swing dancing ladies, called

It’s a blog and look book, about swing fashion – both swing era vintage (1920s, 30s & 40s), and also those special fashions that sweep through the swing community around the world, completely independently of the fashion world at large!

We’ll be taking photos of the well-dressed folk at all the swing dance events we go to around the globe, and posting them up on the blog, as well as vintage photos that inspire us and anything else related to vintage fashion, hair and makeup of the jazz age.

If you have a snapshot of anyone (guy or girl!) in your local scene, looking fine in swing era vintage style, or you have anything else you think might be relevant to, then email it to